Minor in Chemistry for the Medical Professions

CH-120General Chemistry I4
CH-121General Chemistry II4
CH-201Organic Chemistry I (lecture)3
CH-203Organic Chemistry Laboratory I2
CH-202Organic Chemistry II (lecture)3
CH-204Organic Chemistry Laboratory II2
CH-410Biochemistry I4
BI-211Pre-Medical Seminar: Preparing for a Career in Medicine1
These courses satisfy the requirements for the minor. However, to apply to medical, dental, or veterinary school, additional courses must be completed, including BI 140, BI 141, PY 221 or PY 241, PY 222 or PY 242, and MA 190. MA 150, MA 200, and PS 101 are strongly recommended. Specific courses should be planned with the guidance of a member of the Pre-Medical Advisory Committee.
Total Credits23