Art Major

The Art Major offers a 45-credit program of study that emphasizes the integration of broad-based studio art training and arts research with the development of creativity, communication, and critical thinking to prepare students for graduate studies or careers in a wide range of arts-related fields, including arts and cultural entrepreneurship, museum studies, arts administration, arts and community development, etc. Students in the art program have the freedom to explore a specified area of interest, including drawing, painting, illustration, sculpture, printmaking, or history and gallery/museum studies.

As part of the new major’s coursework, 30 credits come from a range of introductory and intermediate studio courses, yearly Art Practicums where students are given the opportunity to apply their knowledge and begin to develop their own unique artistic voice, and a menu of student- selected elective courses. This progressive learning program prepares the students for the Thesis Seminar and Capstone where they will develop an independent project that combines creative work in the studio with research informed by their chosen topic or concept.

In addition to four dedicated studios with tools and equipment for printmaking, painting and drawing, design and sculptural work serving as laboratories, art faculty and staff operate the Mary Cosgrove Dolphin Gallery. The Gallery gives students the opportunity to immerse themselves in current art, artists and art trends, show their own work, and provides a practical setting to learn the inner workings of a professional gallery through internships, course work and exhibition work.

Worcester State University also offers a Minor in Art.

Required Courses
AR-118Global Art History3
AR-119First Year Art Practicum1
AR-123Design Fundamentals3
AR-140Drawing Fundamentals3
AR-210Drawing and Painting Studio3
AR-215Topics in Art3
AR-219Second Year Art Practicum1
AR-225Art Since Mid-20th Century3
AR-2353D Sculpture Studio3
AR-319Third Year Art Practicum1
AR-405Thesis Seminar3
AR-455Thesis Capstone3
Electives to be selected with advising15
Suggested Electives
Painting I
Life Studio I
Creating Cultural Forms
Special Topics in Art
Driftwood to Dumpsters
History of Photography
Intermediate Printmaking
Special Topics in Art
Ind Study: Art
Internship in Art
Directed Study: Art
Other Electives
Cross Media Studio
Visual Arts in the Schools
Total Credits45