Fast-Track Program (RN-to-MS)

The RN-to-MS Fast Track Program allows 6 graduate credits (500 Level) to be taken during the program to count toward both the Bachelor of Science and the Master of Science in Nursing degrees. These graduate credits may be completed when the RN meets the criteria for the Fast-Track program, completes an application for admission to the RN-to-MS Fast-Track Program, and receives final approval by the RN to BS coordinator. The RN-to-MS Fast-Track application process for the Worcester State On Campus program must be completed in the fall semester of the RN-to-BS studies (to the Graduate Nursing Program through the Graduate School). 

Fast-track students must take courses in the M.S. program the semester after completing the B.S. degree. Otherwise 500 Level courses taken in the senior year will count only towards the RN-to-BS degree unless they are in excess of the credits required for the B.S. degree. All undergraduate degree requirements must be completed before students are permitted to take MS level courses beyond NU 530 and NU-551. Only course grades of B- or above will be counted towards the MS degree.