Biology Major

Requirements for a Major in Biology

Required Biology courses(38 credits)
BI-140Introduction to Organismal Biology4
BI-141Intro to Cellular and Molecular Biology4
BI-200Human Biology (OR BI-161 AND BI-162 (Human Anatomy & Physiology I & II))4
BI-202Principles of Ecology4
BI-404Biology Seminar2
3 Upper Division Electives (300 or 400 level lab courses)12
Ancillary Requirements(29 credits)
MA-150Statistics I3
MA-190Pre-calculus (or Higher)4
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry II
Organic Chemistry I (lecture)
and Organic Chemistry II (lecture)
General Physics I
and General Physics II
or PY-241
Physics I (Mechanics)
and Physics II ( Electricity, Magnetism and Optics )
Total Credits67

Students who also complete CH-203 and CH-204, and 3 additional credits in 200-level or higher chemistry courses can earn a chemistry minor.

Biology Upper-Level Electives

Cellular & Molecular Pathways
BI-306Developmental Biology4
BI-371Advanced Topics in Cell and Molecular Biology4
BI-398Cancer Biology4
BT-375Tissue Culture4
BT-377Fermentation Technology4
BI/CH-410Biochemistry I4
Organismal & Ecological Systems(48 credits)
BI-301Topics in Invertebrate Zoology4
BI-304Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy4
BI-315Comparative Neurobiology4
BI-321Comparative Physiology4
BI-331Marine Biology4
BI-333Topics in Vertebrate Zoology4
BI-334Wildlife Biology4
BI-340Plant Sciences4
BI-344Soil Biology4
BI-360Animal Behavior4
BI-380Biodiversity and Conservation Biology4

(Note: Pre-med and graduate school candidates should also take CH-203 & CH-204 in addition to CH-201 and CH-202)

A minimum of three upper division laboratory courses (BI 300- or BI 400-level) are to be selected. Students must take at least one course from each category. Additional upper level elective courses or graduate research/internships are strongly encouraged. The courses should be selected with the advice and consent of the faculty advisor. A grade point average of 2.0 must be maintained in biology courses and in the ancillary science and mathematics courses. Students considering graduate and professional work should take, as a recommended minimum, calculus and introduction to computer science.

Sample Timeline for Completion of Degree

Plan of Study Grid
Year One
Semester OneCredits
BI-140 Introduction to Organismal Biology 4
CH-120 General Chemistry I 4
EN-101 College Writing I 1 3
MA-190 Pre-calculus 4
LASCFirst-Year Seminar 3
Semester Two
BI-141 Intro to Cellular and Molecular Biology 4
CH-121 General Chemistry II 4
EN-102 College Writing II 1 3
MA-150 Statistics I 3
Year Two
Semester Three
BI-204 Microbiology 4
CH-201 Organic Chemistry I (lecture) 5 3
LASCLASC Elective (ICW) 4 3
LASCLASC Elective (CON) 4 3
LASCLASC Elective (USW) 4 3
Semester Four
BI-203 Genetics 4
CH-202 Organic Chemistry II (lecture) 5 3
LASCLASC Elective (GP) 4 3
LASCLASC Elective (CA) 4 3
LASCLASC Elective (ICW) 3
Year Three
Semester Five
BI-202 Principles of Ecology 4
PY-221 General Physics I 6,7 4
LASCAncillary or LASC Distribution 4 3
LASCLASC Elective (TLC) 4 3
Semester Six
BI-200 Human Biology 4 4
BI-3XX+300 or 400 Major Elective
PY-222 General Physics II 6 4
LASCLASC Elective (HBS) 4 3
Year Four
Semester Seven
BI-3XX+300 or 400 Major Elective Lab 4
BI-3XX+300 or 400 Major Elective Lab 4
LASCLASC Elective 4 3
SELECTGeneral Elective 3
Semester Eight
BI-3XX+300 or 400 Major Elective Lab 4
BI-404 Biology Seminar 8 2
SELECTAdditional Science 4
SELECTGeneral Elective 3
 Total Credits116

EN-101 and EN-102 satisfy LASC Writing.


MA-190 requires an Accuplacer score of 6 or higher.


MA-150 requires an Accuplacer score of 4 or higher.


The sequence of LASC courses is a suggestion but serves as a reminder that LASC designated courses must be taken to satisfy the LASC requirements.


Pre-med and Graduate school candidates should also take CH-203 & CH-204
in addition to CH-201 and CH-202. 200 level Biology courses may be taken in any order.


Physics Requirements: PY-221 & PY-222 OR PY-241 & PY-242 satisfies LASC NSP.


All biology core courses must be completed before taking BI-404 (BI-140, BI-141,BI-200 or BI-161 & BI-162, BI-202, BI-203, BI-204).

Students are required to meet with their academic advisor to review their courses for the upcoming semester. A minimum of 120 credits is required for graduation.  First-year and transfer students with 45 or fewer credits at the time of admission shall complete two academic programs (a major/major or major/minor) to qualify for graduation.  For more information, please view the MajorPlus section of this catalog.