4+1 BS/MS Program in Biotechnology

The Five Year Combined 4+1 BS/MS Program in Biotechnology is open to eligible students and includes three courses (10 credits) that count toward both the undergraduate and graduate degrees. Students should apply in the fall semester of the junior year. The first three years are the same as the Biotechnology B.S. Program. Students begin a research project in the Spring semester of the fourth (senior) year.  Application requirements include a minimum of 3.0 GPA, two letters of recommendation, and the GRE.  

Recommended Timeline for Completion of BS/MS Program

Plan of Study Grid
Year One
Semester OneCredits
EN-101 College Writing I 3
CH-120 General Chemistry I 4
Introduction to Functions (LASC QR)
or Pre-calculus
LASCLASC Elective (CON) 3
LASCFirst-Year Seminar 3
Semester Two
EN-102 College Writing II 3
CH-121 General Chemistry II 4
or Calculus I
BI-141 Intro to Cellular and Molecular Biology 4
Year Two
Semester Three
CH-201 Organic Chemistry I (lecture) 3
CH-203 Organic Chemistry Laboratory I 2
BI-204 Microbiology 4
MA-200 Calculus I ((or LASC Elective)) 4
Technical Writing
or Business Communications
or Microcomputer Applications
Semester Four
MA-150 Statistics I 3
MA-201 Calculus II 4
LASCLASC Elective 3
LASCLASC Elective 3
Select one of the following: 3-5
Organic Chemistry II (lecture)
and Organic Chemistry Laboratory II
Year Three
Semester Five
CH-210 Chemical Analysis: an Introduction to Modern Methods 5
PY-221 General Physics I 4
LASCLASC Elective 3
LASCLASC Elective 3
Semester Six
CH-410 Biochemistry I 4
PY-222 General Physics II 4
LASCLASC Elective 3
LASCLASC Elective 3
Year Four
Semester Seven
BI-521 Biotechnology and DNA 4
BI-440 Advanced Research Experience for Undergraduates 1-6
BI-3XXMajor Upper Level Elective 4
LASCLASC Elective 3
LASCLASC Elective 3
Semester Eight
BI-527 Tissue Culture Techniques 3
BI-440 Advanced Research Experience for Undergraduates 3
BT-410 Biotechnology Seminar 1
BT-5XXMajor Upper Level Elective
SELECTMajor or LASC Elective 3
Summer I
BT-9XXGraduate Level Elective 3
Summer II
BI-996 Thesis Research I (or BT-9XX Graduate Level Elective) 3
Year Five
Semester One
Biostatistical Analysis
or Experimental Design
BI-9XXGraduate Level Elective 3
Select One of the Following
BI-996 Thesis Research I 3
BI-997 Thesis Research II 4
Semester Two
BI-998 Thesis Writing 2
BI-9XX:Graduate Level Elective 3
BI-997 Thesis Research II (or BI-9XX Graduate Level Elective) 4
 Total Credits145-153

Students are required to meet with their academic advisor to review their courses for the upcoming semester. A minimum of 120 credits is required for graduation.  First-year and transfer students with 45 or fewer credits at the time of admission shall complete two academic programs (a major/major or major/minor) to qualify for graduation.  For more information, please view the MajorPlus section of this catalog.