Psychology Major, Concentration in Mental Health Services

This concentration prepares students for graduate school and/or employment in agencies serving the mental health needs of special populations, including people with mental disabilities, addiction, and cognitive, emotional, and behavioral problems.

Requirements for a Major in Psychology, Concentration in Mental Health Services

40 credits.

In addition to the four core and four area courses in psychology, the following courses are required:

Required Courses(25 credits)
PS-101General Psychology3
PS-275Psychological Statistics4
PS-276Research Methods3
PS-307Applied Research Methods3
Select at least four of the following, including one from each of the four different areas:12
Developmental Psychology
Psychology of Adolescence
Psychology of Aging
Social Psychology
Social Psychology
Applied Social Psychology
Personality and Abnormal Psychology
Theories of Personality
Abnormal Psychology
Psychological Testing and Measurement
Learning and Cognition
Psychology of Learning
Cognitive Psychology
Biopsychosocial Processes
Sensation and Perception
Introduction to Health Psychology
Concentration in Mental Health Services(18 credits)
PS-330Theories of Personality3
PS-335Abnormal Psychology3
PS-340Psychological Testing and Measurement3
Select one of the following:3
Internship in Psychology
Behavior Management Techniques
Physical and Sexual Abuse
PS-435Clinical Psychology3
PS-492Capstone: Seminar in Mental Health3
Total Credits43