Natural Systems and Processes (LAB)

Students must complete a minimum of two 3-credit NSP courses. At least one of the courses taken in this area must have a laboratory component. Note: Non-approved LASC lab (NLL) courses do not meet the requirement for a LASC LAB course.

Courses in this area:

  • Study physical and natural systems and processes.
  • Apply scientific models, theories, and technology to problems facing society.
  • Have an analytical and/or quantitative component and include interpretation, communication and/or presentation of data and results.
  • Compare and contrast various modes of scientific inquiry.
  • Place scientific inquiry within its historical and contemporary contexts.
  • Use and reflect on the scientific method of investigation.
  • Address the strengths and limitations of scientific inquiry in human understanding.
  • Encourage students to become scientifically literate citizens and be able to evaluate scientific information.
BI-101Concepts of Biology4
BI-104The Human Animal Laboratory1
BI-116Animal Biology4
BI-117Humans and the Environment4
BI-130Field Biology4
BI-140Introduction to Organismal Biology4
BI-141Intro to Cellular and Molecular Biology4
BI-162Human Anatomy and Physiology II4
BI-206Medical Microbiology4
BI-354Systematics and Evolution4
BI-380Biodiversity and Conservation Biology4
BT-101Introduction to Forensic Sciences4
CH-112Survey of Chemistry4
CH-435Advanced Laboratory Experience2
EV-120Integrated Environmental Science for Educators4
EV-380Biodiversity and Conservation Biology4
GS-140Physical Geology4
PB-200Introduction to Psychobiology4
PY-105Concepts in Physics I3
PY-221General Physics I4
PY-222General Physics II4
PY-241Physics I (Mechanics)4
PY-242Physics II ( Electricity, Magnetism and Optics )4
PY-250Observational Astronomy3