Ethnic Studies


Program Structure and Requirements

  • Offered as an interdisciplinary concentration
  • 15 credits total across at least two disciplines.
  • Required course (3 credits): ET-100
  • Core Courses (12 Credits): Chosen from approved list of electives across departments


As an interdisciplinary concentration, Ethnic Studies draws its core courses from multiple disciplines across campus.  The following courses currently offered at WSU form the list of available electives for an Ethnic Studies Concentration.

Communication(15 credits)
CM-345Media and Democracy3
CM-350Intercultural Communication3
CM-384Media Criticism3
CM-390Alternative Communication3
CM-416Media Law and Ethics3
Education Department(6 credits)
ED-270Diversity & Multicultural Ed3
ED-339Children's Literature: Multicultural Literature for PK-93
English Department(21 credits)
EN-132World Literature3
EN-167Literature and Human Rights3
EN-169Ethnic Literature in the U.S.3
EN-240Survey of Postcolonial and Transcultural Literature3
EN-345American Women Writers (Title will change in 2016 to "American Women Writers")3
EN-347Studies in U.S. Ethnic Literature3
EN-348Postcolonial Women's Writing3
Health Sciences Department(3 credits)
HC-234Multiculturalism and Health3
History and Political Science Department(39 credits)
HI-205Native America3
HI-208American Immigrant History3
HI-217US Social History3
HI-221African-American History I3
HI-222African-American History II3
HI-230Nicaragua, the US and the World3
HI-248Seminar on Globalization & Human Rights3
HI-244American Urban History3
HI-303Colonial History I3
HI-345Religions in America3
HI/PO-320Citizen Nation3
HI-450Special Topics in History (Hegemony & Social Justice in the USA)3
HI-450Special Topics in History (History of Latinos in the USA)3
Philosophy Department(18 credits)
PH-151Race, Gender, and the Law3
PH-177Introduction to Latin American Philosophy3
PH-178Africana Philosophy3
PH-241Genocide and Human Rights3
PH-242Race, Nation, Class, Gender and Sexuality3
PH-251Mass Violence Against Women3
Psychology Department(3 credits)
PS-255Psychological Foundations of Diversity3
Sociology Department(12 credits)
SO-285Race, Class and Gender3
SO-315Social Movements3
SO-350Social Stratification3
SO-360Urban Sociology3
Urban Studies Department(12 credits)
UR-212American Metropolitan Evolution3
UR-213Human Identity and Urban Environment3
UR-310Power, Politics and Decision-Making in Urban Communities3
UR-380Public Policy and Cultural Diversity3
Visual and Performing Arts Department(6 credits)
AR-165Creating Cultural Forms3
TH-237History of Theatre II3
World Languages(3 credits)
SP-333Hispanic Presence in US3


As an interdisciplinary concentration, Ethnic Studies draws its core faculty from multiple disciplines across campus. Each faculty member's information can be found at the respective department for each of the courses. Additionally, the Ethnic Studies Program seeks to build linkages between Academic Affairs and Student Affairs to support students’ academic success and the enrichment of the campus culture.  The Director/Program Area Chair for Ethnic Studies is Dr. Emanuel E. Nneji in the Department of Communication.

Ethnic Studies Courses (Undergraduate)

ET-100 Introduction to Ethnic Studies

LASC Categories: TLC, HBS, DAC

An interdisciplinary survey course analyzing socio-political, economic, historical and contemporary issues related to African American, Latino/a American, Asian American and Native American (ALANA) communities.

Every year. 3 Credits