Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program for Initial Teacher License for Reading Specialist

Reading Graduate Coordinator: Heidi Wojcik
Phone: 508-929-8840

Admission Requirements

In addition:

  • A teaching license at the Initial or Professional level.
  • A foundation course in reading, taken as an undergraduate or graduate, or significant experience in teaching reading.
  • A course in human, child, or adolescent development at the undergraduate or graduate level.
  • For candidates who obtained licensure prior to the MTEL requirement, a passing score on the Communication and Literacy test.

The Initial Licensure Program Requirements

This program leading to an initial licensure for reading specialist is designed for candidates who have both a minimum of an initial teaching license in another field other than reading and are seeking an initial license as a reading specialist. It is a 31 credit, non-degree program. It consists of 25 credits of course work and a 6 credit practicum or practicum equivalent. Candidates must pass the Reading Specialist MTEL before registering for the practicum.

The courses are:

ED-911Advanced Foundations of Literacy3
ED-918Reading As Language: Teaching Literacy to English Language Learners3
ED-979Technology and Literacy in the Classroom3
ED-914Teaching and Learning Literacy Across Multiple Disciplines3
ER-903Teaching Writing to Striving Readers3
EE-915Detection and Remediation of Early Reading Difficulties3
ED-917Diagnosis, Analysis, and Remediation of Reading Difficulties in the Middle and Upper Grades3
ED-915Leadership in Literacy: Consultation, Administration and Supervision3
ED-984Reading Portfolio1
ER-951Reading Practicum I3
ER-952Reading Practicum II3
Total Credits31