Post-Baccalaureate Pre-medical and Health Professions Program

This is a part-time certificate program offered through the WSU Division of Graduate and Continuing Education (DGCE) that is expected to meet the needs of students interested in medical, dental and veterinary school as well as those interested in pharmacy, physician assistant, physical therapy, and optometry programs. Each student’s history is evaluated, and appropriate courses are advised based upon their specific needs. Students have access to Worcester State’s Pre-Medical and Health Professions Advisory Committee and, if necessary for a program, the committee recommendation letter process.

Students who complete thirty credits of the basic core sciences and/or other elective pre-health courses at Worcester State University will receive a certification of completion of the program. Up to eight transfer credits will be allowed to contribute to the thirty credit total. Students will be required to maintain a 3.0 GPA to remain eligible for the program.

This program is designed for students who need the basic science curriculum either as new courses (career changers) or as repeat attempts (GPA enhancement). A GPA of 2.75 overall is required for admission to the program along with two letters of recommendation (no test scores required). Students wishing to take an advanced curriculum are advised to seek a second baccalaureate degree through the undergraduate school. The basic courses are offered throughout the academic year, primarily in the evening. Summer courses are also available. Interested students should contact the DGCE Office or the coordinator of the program at Additional information and application materials are available at

Below is a list of the basic core courses and available electives. Since health professions programs differ in their requirements, students should contact the Pre-Med Advisor prior to registration to make sure they are taking the correct courses.

The Basic Core

CH-120General Chemistry I (including lab)4
CH-121General Chemistry II (including lab)4
BI-140Introduction to Organismal Biology (including lab)4
BI-141Intro to Cellular and Molecular Biology (including lab)4
CH-201Organic Chemistry I (lecture)3
CH-202Organic Chemistry II (lecture)3
CH-203Organic Chemistry Laboratory I (lab)2
CH-204Organic Chemistry Laboratory II (lab)2
PY-221General Physics I (including lab)4
or PY-241 Physics I (Mechanics)
PY-222General Physics II (including lab)4
or PY-242 Physics II ( Electricity, Magnetism and Optics )

Science and Math Elective Courses

MA-200Calculus I4
MA-201Calculus II4
MA-150Statistics I3
CH-410Biochemistry I (including lab)4
BI-161Human Anatomy and Physiology I4
BI-162Human Anatomy and Physiology II4