Track One (Undergraduate BS Program)

Track One Courses

Prerequisite courses to be successfully completed with a C or above by the end of Spring (May 30th) semester first-year:

Human Anatomy and Physiology I
and Human Anatomy and Physiology II
CH-112Survey of Chemistry4
College Writing I
and College Writing II
BI-206Medical Microbiology4

Corequisite courses to be successfully completed with a C or above by the end of Fall (December 31st) semester sophomore year:

PS-101General Psychology3
SO-100Introduction to Sociology3

 Corequisite courses to be successfully completed with a C or above by the end of Spring (May 30th) semester sophomore year:

HE-120Health and Nutrition3
MA-150Statistics I3
QR Elective3

Progression in the nursing majors depends upon satisfactory completion of all prerequisite, corequisite, and nursing courses. Satisfactory is defined by grade requirements and progression policies of the nursing department for those individual courses required for program completion.

Satisfactory is defined as:

  1. “C” (> to 74%) or higher in a pre- or corequisite non-NU course, and
  2. “B-” (> 80%) or higher in every NU course, and
  3. A “pass” in the clinical component of each NU course is required. If a “pass” is not achieved in the clinical component, this will result in a failure for the entirety of that NU course (grade of E on the transcript) and dismissal from the program. Progression in the nursing major is dependent upon the student maintaining a minimum grade of 80% in each nursing course and simultaneously meeting the satisfactory performance/objective requirements of each clinical portion of a course.

Repeating any nursing course or any pre- or corequisite course is a one-time option per the Department of Nursing. A failure of any combination of two prerequisite, corequisite, or nursing courses will result in a dismissal from the Nursing Program and will require a change of major.

Required Nursing Courses: 60 credits – All Nursing courses must be taken in sequence.

NU-200Introduction to Professional Nursing I5
NU-206Principles of Pathophysiology and Pharmocology I3
NU-210Introduction to Professional Nursing II5
NU-216Principles of Pathophysiology and Pharmacology II3
NU-309Nursing Science I: Obstetrics (track I)4.5
NU-310Nursing Science I: Medical-Surgical Nursing (track I)4.5
NU-315Group Communication Seminar I1
NU-340Nursing Science Ii: Pediatrics (track I)4.5
NU-345Nursing Science II: Medical/Surgical Nursing (track I)4.5
NU-415Group Communication Seminar II1
NU-430Research Seminar in Nursing (track I and Track III)3
NU-440Nursing Science III: Community/Public Health Nursing (Track I and Track III)4
NU-441Nursing Science III: Mental Health Nursing (Track I and Track III)4
NU-450Leadership in Nursing3
NU-460Nursing Science IV3
NU-470Nursing: Capstone7
Total Credits60

Students must achieve a minimum grade of 80 in each nursing course and each section of the course when a course has two distinct class/clinical components (NU-309NU-310, NU-340, NU-345NU-440,NU-441). The Department of Nursing has additional policies and procedures which are binding for nursing majors. Included in these policies are standards for progression in the nursing major. They are found in the Nursing Department’s Student Handbook. All students receive a copy of the handbook at the start of the academic year and sign a note of receipt.

Nursing courses, prerequisite and corequisite courses may not be taken pass/fail and must meet the grade listed above in order to progress in program.

Transfer Students

Students taking general education courses in another college or university are required to contact the Worcester State University Admissions Office regarding matriculation and transfer of credits. Transfer students are accepted to the nursing major on a very limited, space-available basis. Students are admitted into the freshman or sophomore class level based on required course completion grades and space availability.

All transfer student applicants for Track One who have previously been enrolled in a nursing program in another college/university must submit, as part of their application, a letter from the dean or director of the nursing program indicating that they left in good standing and were eligible for readmission to that program.

Transfer students may only apply two (2) times for admission into the nursing major.

Dr. Lillian R. Goodman Department of Nursing Sample Timeline for Track I

Plan of Study Grid
Year One
Semester OneCredits
EN-101 College Writing I 1 3
BI-161 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4
CH-112 Survey of Chemistry (NSP) 4
FYSFirst-Year Seminar 3
Semester Two
EN-102 College Writing II 1 3
BI-162 Human Anatomy and Physiology II (NSP) 4
BI-206 Medical Microbiology (NSP) 4
Introduction to Sociology (HBS)
or General Psychology
LASC Elective (Constitution) 3
Year Two
Semester Three
NU-200 Introduction to Professional Nursing I 5
NU-206 Principles of Pathophysiology and Pharmocology I 3
HE-120 Health and Nutrition (ICW) 3
Elective 2 2
Introduction to Sociology (HBS)
or General Psychology
Semester Four
NU-210 Introduction to Professional Nursing II 5
NU-216 Principles of Pathophysiology and Pharmacology II 3
MA-150 Statistics I (QR) 3 3
LASC Elective (QR) 3
Year Three
Semester Five
NU-309 Nursing Science I: Obstetrics (track I) 4.5
NU-310 Nursing Science I: Medical-Surgical Nursing (track I) 4.5
NU-430 Research Seminar in Nursing (track I and Track III) (QRAC) 3
LASC Elective 4 3
Semester Six
NU-340 Nursing Science Ii: Pediatrics (track I) (DAC) 4.5
NU-345 Nursing Science II: Medical/Surgical Nursing (track I) 4.5
NU-315 Group Communication Seminar I 1
LASC Elective 4 3
LASC Elective 4 3
Year Four
Semester Seven
NU-440 Nursing Science III: Community/Public Health Nursing (Track I and Track III) 4
NU-441 Nursing Science III: Mental Health Nursing (Track I and Track III) 4
NU-415 Group Communication Seminar II 1
LASC Arts Elective 5 3
Free Elective 5 3
Semester Eight
NU-460 Nursing Science IV 3
NU-450 Leadership in Nursing 3
NU-470 Nursing: Capstone 7
 Total Credits120

 EN-101 & EN-102 satisfies LASC writing.


Pick 2 credit elective of your choice semester 3


MA-150 required Accuplacer score of 4 or higher


Junior Year Pick one (3 credit) course in: GP, TLC, USW


Senior Year Fall needs: 1 Creative Arts & Need one 3 credit Free Elective.

All LASC Electives should be complete by end of semester 7.

All Sciences and pre-requisites must be completed by May 30th with a grade of C or better to progress to Sophomore Year.

Students are required to meet with their academic advisor to review their courses for the upcoming semester. A minimum of 120 credits is required for graduation.  First-year and transfer students with 45 or fewer credits at the time of admission shall complete two academic programs (a major/major or major/minor) to qualify for graduation.  For more information, please view the MajorPlus section of this catalog.