Theatre Major

The Theatre Major offers a 39-credit program that combines marketable, hands-on production experience with an extensive variety of coursework to prepare students for a career in live theatre production, its associated industries, or advanced graduate education. Students in the theatre program acquire essential skills and knowledge in performance, design, technology, and dramaturgy involved in the production and study of theatrical arts.  An emphasis is placed on the practical techniques and the critical analysis necessary for successful productions.

As part of the new major’s coursework, 24 credits come from required courses in Acting, Design, Technology, and Dramaturgy. The remaining credits are in the form of wide-ranging electives from across theatre’s areas of study. Those studies complement required work on productions and a senior thesis project. For their capstone project, students can focus their studies on design and technology (scenic/costume/lighting/sound), dramaturgy, acting, or directing. 

Fuller Theater and the scenic and costume shops serve as laboratories where students hone their skills on departmental and student productions. 

The production season is chosen to provide students with exposure to a range of styles and genres, and opportunities for a diversity of students.  Within this portfolio of productions, the program ensures that the work is relevant to our communities, speaks to our audiences, and is produced in styles that fire the audience’s imagination.

Worcester State University also offers a Minor in Theatre.

Requirements for a Theatre Major

Required Core Courses

TH-126Script Analysis3
TH-145Acting I3
TH-155First-Year Theatre Practicum1
TH-175Introduction to Stagecraft3
TH-235History of Theatre3
TH-255Second-Year Theatre Practicum1
TH-263Concepts of Theatre Design3
TH-274Stage Management3
TH-355Third-Year Theatre Practicum1
TH-455Theatre Capstone3
Total Credits24

Elective Courses - 15 credits total; 9 credits must be at the 300-level or above.

TH-191Introduction to the Theatre3
TH-246Voice and Movement3
TH-270History of American Entertainment I3
TH-271History of American Entertainment II3
TH-272History of Costume3
TH-290Theatre for Young Audiences3
TH-292Applied Theatre and Community Engagement3
TH-321Rehearsal and Performance3
TH-345Acting II3
TH-348Stage Combat3
TH-360Scenic Design for Theatre3
TH-370Costume Design for Theatre3
TH-390Lighting Design for Theatre3
TH-399Special Topics in Theatre3
TH-405Independent Study in Theatre1-6
TH-408Directed Study: Theatre3
TH-435Internship in Theatre1-12