Standards of Progress

Matriculated students (students admitted to Worcester State University and pursuing a formal course of study leading to the bachelor’s degree, second major, certificate, or professional certification) are expected to make satisfactory and steady progress toward completion of their programs.

Opportunities are available for student advisement, both within major departments and from the Academic Success Center. However, each student is solely responsible for selecting courses which satisfy departmental requirements for a major, as well as the general requirements for graduation, as described in this catalog. Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with this information. Exemption from, or exception to, any published requirement is valid only when approved in writing by the respective Dean, Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs, or Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, and confirmed by the Registrar.


All students are expected to attend and participate in all class meetings and laboratory sessions. In the event that illness or some other emergency prevents a student from attending class, the student should contact the instructor directly. Since attendance requirements differ according to the specific academic goals of each course, students should carefully check the attendance policy on the course syllabus. If there is anticipated prolonged absence, the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs (Administration Building, Room 361) should be contacted.

Worcester State University abides by Chapter 375 of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, An Act Excusing the Absence of Students for Their Religious Beliefs. Section 2B of this law states: “Any student in an educational or vocational training institution other than a religious or denominational educational or vocational training institution, who is unable, because of his religious beliefs, to attend classes or to participate in any examination, study, or work requirement on a particular day shall be excused from any such examination, study or work requirement, and shall be provided with an opportunity to make up such examination, study, or work requirement which he may have missed because of such absence on any particular day; provided, however, that such makeup examination or work shall not create an unreasonable burden upon such school. No fees of any kind shall be charged by the institution for making available to the said student such opportunity. No adverse or prejudicial effects shall result to any student because of his availing himself of the provisions of this section.”

Academic Standing: For degree-seeking students, class membership is based upon the number of credit hours completed. Class membership determines priority for registration and participation in class events.

Class Credit Hours Completed
First-Year 0-29
Sophomore 30-59
Junior 60-89
Senior 90-120

Good Standing: To maintain good standing at Worcester State University, matriculated students must meet the minimum standards specified below.

College Credits1 Cumulative GPA
1-29 1.50
30-59 1.75
60 and over 2.00

College credits include all credits attempted at Worcester State University plus all credits accepted in transfer. Students are reminded that only grades earned at Worcester State University or through the Consortium Program are used in determining their GPA.

Warning Status: Students will not be placed on probation status until they have attempted 24 semester hours; however, students may be placed on a warning status if they fail to maintain the minimum standard after attempting 12 semester hours. Students on warning status may enroll in no more than 16 semester hours. In consultation with an academic advisor, each such student will develop an academic plan/registration contract that will include such conditions as repeating failed courses, regularly scheduled advising appointments, attending workshops offered through the Academic Success Center, and recommended use of the writing center, math lab, and tutoring services.

Probation and Dismissal: Students who fail to meet and/or maintain the minimum cumulative GPA required for good standing are placed on academic probation and are subject to the following restrictions:

  1. they may not participate in intercollegiate athletics; and
  2. they may not register for more than 12 semester hours of credit per semester; and
  3. they may not serve on any standing and ad hoc governance committees of Worcester State University.

Failure to improve the GPA and regain good standing after two regular academic semesters (Fall and Spring) will result in academic dismissal and separation from Worcester State University. Students dismissed from Worcester State University for academic deficiency may not register for or attend classes at Worcester State University until 12 months have elapsed. Readmitted students must attain a minimum GPA of 2.0 for each semester following their return. Failure to maintain a 2.0 semester GPA will result in a second separation from Worcester State University not subject to appeal. See next section regarding withdrawal/leave of absence.

Appeal of Dismissal: Students may appeal for reinstatement to continue for a third semester on probation. Appeals must be made in writing to the Chair of the Academic Progress Review Board and submitted to the Registrar within five (5) days of notification. The Academic Progress Review Board will review the written appeals. The decision of the Review Board is final.