Data Science Minor

CS-131Data Visualization and Statistical Analysis3
CS-141Data Cleaning and Preprocessing3
CS-265Database Applications3
CS-234Data Mining for Non-Cs Majors3
or CS-453 Data Mining
CS-383Cloud, Parallel an Distributed Computing3
UR-230Technology, Public Policy and Urban Society3
or PH-134 Computing Ethics
Total Credits18

Students in the Computer Science Data Science Minor will be able to:

  • Clean and preprocess a given dataset for further analysis.
  • Analyze a given dataset using visualization, statistical analysis and Data Mining/Machine Learning methods.
  • Manage and process data stored in relational and NoSQL databases.
  • Apply basic Cloud, Parallel and Distributive Computing methods solving a Big Data problem.
  • Communicate effectively both in written and oral form.
  • Learn new models, techniques, and technologies as they emerge and appreciate the necessity of such continuing professional development.
  • Apply ethical principals working with data.