Latin American and Latinx Studies Minor

The minor in Latin American and Latinx Studies offers an interdisciplinary approach that allows students to develop a better appreciation for and understanding of multifaceted aspects central to contemporary and past Latin American societies and/or to Latinx communities in the U.S., such as their histories, literatures, and cultural knowledge; identity, Latinidad, and Diaspora; systems of power and privilege; the Arts -- visual, performing, and/or alternative manifestations -- as mechanisms to express identity, ideology, or resistance; and socio-political processes, among other topics. Due to its nature, the Minor in Latin American and Latinx Studies also provides new opportunities for service learning and community engagement. Courses are to be taught in English unless noted otherwise (18 credits).

-1-2 content courses from SP or LA (LA courses will be offered in English unless otherwise noted) (3-6 credits). Courses to choose from: 
  • LA-150 Introduction to Latinx Cultures in the US

  • LA-350 Immigration, DREAMers, and Latinx Youth

  • LA-355 Latin American Fiction

  • LA-360 Survey of Latin American Cinema

  • SP-293 Health and the Latino Community

  • SP-349 Spanish American Literature

  • SP-332 Cultures of Latin America

  • SP-333 Hispanic Presence in the US

  • SP-346 Latin American Theater

  • SP-347 Latin American Colonial Literature

  • SP-401 Special Topics with Latin American or Latinx content (NOTE 1)

-Two Spanish language courses or satisfied via CLEP (6 credits). Courses to choose from: 

  • SP-101 Beginning Spanish I

  • SP-102 Beginning Spanish II

  • SP-210 Intermediate Spanish I

  • SP-211 Intermediate Spanish II

  • SP-321 Advanced Spanish Composition I

  • SP-323 Advanced Spanish Conversation Through Film

  • SP-390 Spanish for Native Speakers

-2-3 electives from other departments or taken abroad (with prior approval). (6-9 credits). Courses from other departments to choose from:

Courses from the Department of History and Political Sciences to choose from:

  • HI-213 Colonial Latin America

  • HI-214 Modern Latin America

  • HI-226 Latin American History Through Film

  • HI-230 Nicaragua, the US and the World

  • HI-233 History of Latin America

  • HI-247 Central America and the Caribbean

  • HI-267 US-Latin American Relations

  • HI-333 Women in Latin America

  • PO-222 Latin American Politics

Courses from the Department of Sociology to choose from:

  • SO-228 Latina-Latino Experiences in the U.S. and the World

  • SO-307 Puerto Rican Diaspora

The same SP courses for the Latin American and Latinx Studies minor cannot be applied to a student’s Spanish major or Spanish minor. Students must take at least one course with substantial content on Latin America and at least one course with substantial content on Latinx Studies.  Other courses may be approved in prior consultation with the student’s advisor for the Latin American and Latinx Studies minor.

NOTE 1- SP401- "Special Topic" courses must have a Latin American and/or Latinx content to be applied towards the minor. Students should receive pre-approval from their SP advisors during the advising period.