Master of Education—Elementary Education

Elementary Education Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Christina Kaniu
Phone: 508-929-8753

The Master of Education, Concentration in Elementary Education, will provide students with an in depth knowledge and understanding of the practical applications of the content, curriculum, and assessments used in elementary schools. Students enrolled in this program also will take a careful look at how social constructs, diversity, and equity issues impact schools. During the second half of the program students will engage in an action research project designed to address a current problem of practice in a school setting. The Master's of Education in Elementary Education is designed for students who possess an initial teaching license or its equivalent from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education or for those who wish to enhance competence within an existing career in elementary education. For students who possess the initial license, the program meets the requirements set by the Massachusetts Department of Education for a teacher of Elementary Education (grades 1-6) and can be used toward the Professional Teaching License. (This program will not lead to an initial license in elementary education from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education). 

(34 credits total)

Prerequisites: Initial License or its equivalent in elementary education; or a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and existing career or experience in elementary education or in a similar learning environment.

Master of Education in Elementary Education

The program consists of the following courses:

Core requirements(10 credits)
ED-981Advanced Foundations of Education3
ED-982Research in Education3
ED-993Seminar: Research in Content Concentration3
ED-992Portfolio Evaluation (to be taken last)1
Content Courses(15 credits)
ED-979Technology and Literacy in the Classroom3
ED-914Teaching and Learning Literacy Across Multiple Disciplines3
ED-929Mathematics Assessment and Instruction For Diverse Learners3
EL-908Social Studies Content, Curriculum Assessment, & Instruction3
EL-909Science Content, Curriculum, Assessment And Instruction3
Diversity, Equity, and Differentiated Instruction Courses(6 credits)
ED-918Reading As Language: Teaching Literacy to English Language Learners3
or ED-927 Inclusive Settings: Learning Strategies and Management Techniques (1-6)
ED-910The Child, Family, Community, and Diversity in Education3
Electives(3 credits)
Select one elective with consent of the program coordinator.3
Total Credits34