Philosophy Minor

Requirements for a Minor in Philosophy

18 credit, including:

(a) At least one course from group 1: Values and Society

(b) At least one course from group 2:  Culture and Traditions

(c) At least one course from group 3:  Knowledge, Reason, and Reality

(d) at least one course at the 200 level and at least one course at the 300 level

Group 1: Values and Society3
Ethics: Human Conduct & Values
Medical Ethics
Social and Political Ethics
Computing Ethics
Race, Gender, and the Law
Philosophy of Law
Political Theory
Genocide and Human Rights
Mass Violence Against Women
Group 2: Culture and Traditions3
Ancient Greek Philosophy
History of Modern Western Philosophy 1600-1800
Philosophy of Love and Sex
Introduction to Asian Philosophy
Buddhist Philosophy
Chinese Philosophy
Introduction to Latin American Philosophy
Africana Philosophy
Sports and Philosophy
19th Century European Philosophy
Race, Nation, Class, Gender and Sexuality
Global Feminisms
Feminist Theory
Philosophy of Art
Film and Philosophy
Philosophy of History
Group 3: Knowledge, Reason, and Reality3
Critical Thinking
Logic I
Logic II
Philosophy of Mind
Existentialism and Phenomenology
Philosophy of Language
Philosophy of Space and Time
Philosophy of Science
Philosophy of Education
Topics in Metaphysics and Epistemology
Philosophy Elective Courses9
Total Credits18

Minors should contact the Chair of the Philosophy Department to arrange for departmental advising, and they should select their philosophy courses in consultation with their departmental advisor. Advising can include support for a student’s graduate, law, or other professional school application process.