Course Formats


Course is delivered in a face-to-face classroom or lab format and can be complemented with online activities, assignments, or assessments not to exceed a quarter of the contact hours. May include up to 25% online. Course identifier = none (default, no designation needed).


Course or program combines online and face-to-face learning. In a blended course, at least a quarter of the contact hours occur face-to-face. Significant portions of the course content, activities, and/or assessments are delivered online, while face-to-face portions may include, but are not limited to, labs, lectures, or groupwork.  25 - 99% face-to-face instruction; 25-99% online instruction.  Course identifier = BL.


Course or program is delivered wholly online. Participants can complete all course requirements, including examinations, remotely and/or off-campus.  100% online instruction. Course identifier = OL, EL, AL, PL, IL, or AOP. 

Online Exam Exception

Course or program is delivered fully online, with the sole exception of one or more exams, assessments, or practica, which will be administered either face-to-face or remotely.  Online except for examination(s). Course identifier = OLX.

The determination of which course format best describes a given course section is made by the course instructor in consultation with the department chair and/or dean.