History Major Track for History Educators

Two 100-Level History Courses 16
HI-181First Year Cohort Class for History Educators1
HI-200The Historian's Craft4
HI-216Economic History of the United States3
Or an appropriate Economics course substitute
HI-282Second Year Cohort Class for History Educators1
HI-310Massachusetts History3
HI-383Third Year Cohort Class for History Educators1
HI-390World History for Educators4
HI-391U.S. History for Educators4
Four 200-Level or Higher History Courses 212
One Middle East/Asia Course
One Africa/Latin America Course
One Global/Thematic/Methodological Course
One Elective History Course
Capstone Course4
Senior Research Seminar in History
American Antiquarian Society Seminar
Senior Thesis in History
Total Credits43

Excluding HI-193 and fulfilling two (out of four) of the following categories:  (1) Europe/US, (2) Middle East/Asia, (3) Africa/Latin America, and (4) Global/Thematic. 


One or more course must be at the 300 or 400 level.

Exception for Double Majors in Early Childhood or Elementary Education: Only 36 History credits are required. A student may opt to omit the free elective and the capstone. If the capstone course is omitted, the capstone requirement in History must be fulfilled by submission of a non-credit History Learning Portfolio before or during the student teaching semester. See department for Portfolio forms and submission guidelines.