History Major Track for History Educators

Two 100-Level History Courses 16
HI-181First Year Cohort Class for History Educators1
HI-200The Historian's Craft4
HI-216Economic History of the US3
HI-282Second Year Cohort Class for History Educators1
HI-310Massachusetts History3
HI-383Third Year Cohort Class for History Educators1
HI-390World History for Educators4
HI-391U.S. History for Educators4
Four 200-Level or Higher History Courses 212
One Middle East/Asia Course
One Africa/Latin America Course
One Global/Thematic/Methodological Course
One Elective History Course
Capstone Course4
Senior Research Seminar in History
American Antiquarian Society Seminar
Senior Thesis in History
Total Credits43

Exception for Double Majors in Early Childhood or Elementary Education: Only 36 History credits are required. A student may opt to omit the free elective and the capstone. If the capstone course is omitted, the capstone requirement in History must be fulfilled by submission of a non-credit History Learning Portfolio before or during the student teaching semester. See department for Portfolio forms and submission guidelines.