Veteran/Military Applicants (VALOR Act Academic Credit Evaluation Policy)

The WSU Veteran/Military VALOR Act Academic Credit Evaluation Policy is designed to:

  • Assist veteran/military applicants through the admission processes, which may require different standards and practices from the traditional freshman/transfer admission procedures.
  • Assist with specific challenges and concerns as well as provide additional support in the applicant’s re-acclimation to civilian life.
  • Provide additional support structures to maximize success in a degree program.
  • Maximize benefits students may qualify for, based on their years of service.

The Worcester State University Veteran/Military VALOR Act Academic Credit Evaluation Policy allows academic credit to be awarded for students’ previous military occupation, military training, coursework and experiences towards degrees and certificates. The awarding of academic credit shall be determined by the Worcester State Admission Office and Academic Success Center, as defined by WSU policy and national best practices. Eligible students shall receive accurate and complete academic counseling in regards to the policy when they are admitted.

Admissions may use multiple methods for evaluating military occupation, training, experience and coursework for academic credit, including the ACE Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services, CLEP, DANTES Subject Standardized Tests, and other methods. The appropriate method for evaluation is determined by Worcester State University, based on the type of military occupation, training, experience and coursework.

Once Admissions has posted credit to the student’s academic record, the Academic Success Center will review the student’s credit along with his/her program of study to determine the allocation of military credit in appropriate areas. All inquiries regarding the specific allocation of military credit should be directed to the Academic Success Center.

To Request Military Transcripts:

Military members and veterans (except the Air Force) can obtain military transcripts from the Joint Services Transcript system. Air Force Transcripts are available from The Air University.

To Request Military Medical Records:

To attend WSU, students must provide medical documentation. Military and veteran medical records are available from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Admissions Contact:

Christopher Dooley, Assistant Director of Admissions
Administration Building, Office 241

Academic Success Center Contacts:

Tammy Tebo, Assistant Dean of Academic Services
Administration Building, Office 130

Colleen Wheaton, Director of First-Year and Transfer Services
Administration Building, Office 130