Master of Education—Reading

Reading Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Heidi Wojcik
Phone: 508-929-8840

The Master of Education in Reading degree allows candidates to progress through the program by completing a series of courses that build knowledge and application in general educational areas and in topics related to the knowledge standards for reading specialist licensure, progressively leading to more advanced and specialized reading courses. Students are advised to meet with the Reading graduate coordinator before beginning their program.

As students progress through the program, they enroll in courses requiring prerequisites and leading to more advanced knowledge. Although most courses involve a strong application orientation, each course also develops a sound research and theoretical foundation upon which to base practice. Courses within the program build knowledge and competence in language development, reading theory and instruction, and meeting the needs of all learners. A completed research project and a program portfolio are the capstone performance indicators of the program. The portfolio documents completion of the program and state requirements for Reading Specialist licensure.

Admission Requirements

In addition:

  • A teaching license at the Initial or Professional level.
  • A foundation course in reading taken as an undergraduate or graduate or significant experience in teaching reading.
  • A course in human, child, or adolescent development at the undergraduate or graduate level.
  • For candidates who obtained licensure prior to the MTEL requirement, a passing score on the Communication and Literacy test.

Course of Study

Master of Education in Reading

Total 34 credits without reading specialist licensure
Total 43 credits with reading specialist licensure

The program consists of the following courses:

Core requirements(10 credits)
ED-981Advanced Foundations of Education3
ED-982Research in Education3
ED-983Theory and Research in Reading3
ED-984Reading Portfolio (to be taken last)1
or ED-992 Portfolio Evaluation
Reading Content Courses(21 credits)
ED-911Advanced Foundations of Literacy3
ED-918Reading As Language: Teaching Literacy to English Language Learners3
ED-979Technology and Literacy in the Classroom3
ED-914Teaching and Learning Literacy Across Multiple Disciplines3
ER-903Teaching Writing to Striving Readers3
EE-915Detection and Remediation of Early Reading Difficulties3
ED-917Diagnosis, Analysis, and Remediation of Reading Difficulties in the Middle and Upper Grades3
Electives(3 credits)
One elective chosen with consent of the program coordinator3
Requirements for Licensure Option(6 credits)
Candidates must pass the Reading Specialist MTEL before registering for the 150 hour practicum.
ED-915Leadership in Literacy: Consultation, Administration and Supervision3
ED-919Reading Practicum/Internship3
Total Credits40