4+1 Program

The Department of Business Administration and Economics offers a 4+1 program that allows Business Administration majors with GPAs of 3.0 or higher to gain admission to the M.S. in Management during their junior year (they may apply once they have completed 75 credits or after the completion of eight Business Administration courses for transfer students) and to a begin taking classes as a senior. In order to complete the joint degree, in the final year of their bachelor's work, students may take two graduate level courses (6 credits). Please see the note below regarding which graduate classes may also count within the undergraduate Business Administration major degree requirements. These graduate credits may be included in the undergraduate tuition of full-time state supported students. Students should take at least one summer class between the Spring of their undergraduate graduation and the Fall in which they embark on full-time graduate studies. Taking the graduate credits as an undergraduate and the summer class(es) may allow students to complete course requirements for the bachelor's and master's degree in five years (60 months). For more details, students should consult with the graduate coordinator of the M.S. in Management Program.  Other courses may count in both the undergraduate and graduate programs with the permission of the graduate coordinator.

Undergraduate Business Administration majors who are accepted into the 4+1 program may take the following graduate courses (6 credits maximum) and count them in both their Business Administration undergraduate major and M.S in Management program. These courses will appear at the 500 level on their undergraduate transcripts and will be transferred at the 900 level for the M.S in Management program once they have completed their Bachelor of Science degrees. Students must have permission of the graduate instructor and the M.S. in Management graduate coordinator to take any graduate classes before they have finished their undergraduate degree program.

BA-960Leadership Theory and Skills (may count in the BA electives or in the management concentration)3
BA-962Ethics and Social Responsibility of Leadership (may count in the BA electives or in the management concentration)3
BA-915Corporate Finance (this may be counted as a substitute for BA-404 in the BA electives or within the finance concentration.)3
BA-912Marketing Management (this may count in the BA electives or within the marketing concentration)3