General University Refund Policy


This refund policy applies to all full-time and part-time students enrolled in regularly scheduled classes at Worcester State University other than those attending Worcester State University for the first time (in the current academic year) and receiving financial aid. This policy applies to all tuition, room, board, fees, and other standard billed charges.

Withdrawal Requirements

All matriculated students, undergraduate and graduate, who wish to withdraw from the University must do so in writing to the Registrar’s Office on the prescribed form. The official date of withdrawal is that on which the completed form is received and stamped by the Registrar. All withdrawals from courses—rather than withdrawal from the University entirely – must be done in writing to the Registrar’s Office, following the procedures established for that purpose.

Withdrawal Refund Policy

Refunds for withdrawal from the University or withdrawal from courses will be made based on the following schedule if official notice of withdrawal has been received in writing and certified by the Registrar:

  1. Prior to the first day of classes, or within the official add/drop period
    • Full refund of all tuition and fees paid
  2. After the official add/drop period
    • No refund of any tuition or fees paid (unless registration is cancelled by the University)
  3. Room Charge (if applicable)
    • A. Agreement Releases

      A student may request, in writing a release from this Agreement under the following conditions, but will forfeit the deposit if granted: 1. Graduation 2. Withdrawal from University 3. Transferring to another school 4. University approved study abroad 

      B. Buy-Out of Agreement

      A student wanting to be released from their Agreement for any other reason must participate in the Buy-Out option. A Buy-Out of 60% of room charges for the fall semester is available through the 8th week of the fall semester. After the 8th week of the fall semester students are responsible for 100% of the fall semester room charges and 60% of the spring semester room charges. A Buy-Out of 60% of room charges for the spring semester is available until the 8th week of the spring semester. After the 8th week of the spring semester students are responsible for 100% of the spring semester room charges. Students who participate in the Buy-Out are not eligible for a refund of their deposit. 

      C. Returning Students Cancellation Policy

      Current residents who complete a License Agreement, thereby reserving a space for the 2022-2023 academic year, may request, in writing, to cancel this Agreement according to the terms listed below: Before Residence Hall Opening for the fall semester will result in forfeiture of the housing deposit and being assessed a $500.00 cancellation charge. All cancellation dates will be established by date received in the Office of Residence Life and Housing. 

      D. Incoming Student Cancellation Policy

      Upon receiving a signed Agreement and deposit, this Agreement will be accepted by the Office of Residence Life and Housing for assignment. A student may request, in writing, to cancel this agreement within 7 days of the signed Agreement with no penalty but the forfeiture of deposit. Students who cancel their Agreement after the seventh day and before the fall or spring semester opening will be assessed a $300.00 cancellation charge and will forfeit their deposit. Additionally, an Agreement cannot be canceled within 5 days of a semester opening.    

      E. Cancellation After Occupancy is Scheduled to Begin- “No Shows”

      Cancellation after occupancy is scheduled to begin, defined as opening day of the residence halls on the academic calendar, will result in the student being held financially responsible for his or her room charges subject only to the rules permitting release from the Agreement. 

      F. License Agreement Cancellation Appeal

      For a student wishing to appeal a Residence Hall Buy-Out based on a Medical or Financial Hardship, a request in writing must be submitted no later than 48 hours after the approval of the Residence Hall Buy-Out.  The criteria and documentation required within the letter of appeal can be requested by email to Appeals are heard on a case by case basis.