4+ Initial License in Middle School Education

4 + Middle School Education Initial License

The 4+ Middle Initial Licensure program is for students who are majoring in DESE approved licensure program areas and are seeking a license issued by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education at the middle school level.  Students may choose to use some of the courses to meet some LASC requirements.  Students must complete all LASC and Major requirements and take the following undergraduate courses:

ED 149 Intro to Teaching (HBS) or ED 150 Intro to the Teaching Profession (ICW/HBS)

ED 207 Adolescent in School and Society (ICW)

ED 251 Principles of Curriculum and Instruction (WAC)

ED 270 Diversity and Multicultural Education (DAC)

Students must take the 4 above education classes with minimum grades of C+,  pass their Communication and Literacy MTEL, pass their Subject Area MTEL,  and  have a 3.0 GPA average in a minimum of 60 credits in order to be accepted to the 4 +  Middle School Education Initial License Program. 

Application Priority Deadlines:  for Fall entry, March 30.

Application Priority Deadlines:  for Spring entry, October 30.

Students admitted to the 4 + Initial License program  use the 4 undergraduate stage 1 Education courses (ED 149/150, ED 207, ED 251, and ED 270) to meet the Adolescent growth and development requirement and the Multicultural and foundations in education competencies (like ED 949 American Education Contexts and Influences at the graduate level).

After admission to the 4+ program–(students could take 1 to 5 courses  for a maximum of 13 credits)

ED 973Instructional Design and Evaluation in Middle-Secondary School – Transcripted as ED 573

ED  909 RETELL – transcripted as ED 509

ES 925 Inclusive Settings – transcripted as ES 525

ES 905 or ES 906 Methods and Materials in Humanities/STEM transcripted as ED 505/506  with ES921 transcripted as 521 Clinical Experience in Teaching Middle -Secondary School (1 credit)

Students who complete the requirements for a Bachelor's degree, graduate (with their class).

ES 911 Teaching Practicum (Student Teaching) and ES 908 Teaching Practicum Seminar are completed at the graduate level in the fall or spring, upon completion of all other required classes in the program (ED149/150, ED207, ED251, ED270, ED573/973, ED 509/909, ES 525/925, ES505/506/905/906 with ES521/921). The following classes may be completed at the 500(part of undergraduate program) or 900 (graduate only) level: ED573/973, ED 509/909, ES 525/925, ES505/506/905/906 with ES521/921.

To maximize the benefit, students may choose for example to complete the 4+ initial license program by taking:

2 cross-listed classes (6 credits) in the Fall of senior year

3 cross-listed classes (7 credits) in the Spring of senior year

Graduate with their class in May!

Graduate level student teaching and seminar in the following Fall. They would then complete the program in December.

Students could also take fewer 500 level classes during their undergraduate study and take summer, fall or spring 900 level graduate sections of required classes to complete the initial license course work prior to student teaching and seminar.