Asian Studies Minor

The Asian Studies minor is an multi-disciplinary course of study through which students engage the history, politics, languages, cultures, and other aspects of Asian peoples, societies, and countries.  In the program, students have an opportunity to focus on particular areas of interest while at the same time gaining knowledge in core areas of the subject.  At its core, the program provides students with the analytical tools to (a) evaluate Asian ways of experiencing and understanding the world, (b) develop a nuanced understanding of how  “Asia” as a conceptual framework relates to specific geographical and historical realities, and (c) build a rigorous interdisciplinary and regional studies foundation for future work as global citizens and agents of social justice around the world.

Requirements(18 credits)
AS-101Introduction to Asian Studies3
AS-401Practicum in Asian Studies3
Four Elective Courses12
At least one elective course must be at the 300 level or higher
At least two elective courses must be in a different discipline from the other Asian Studies courses
Total Credits18

• A maximum of two courses can be in the student's major, unless the Asian Studies Minor is part of a Liberal Studies Major.

• Students must take at least one course that has substantial historical content and at least one course with substantial content on philosophy/religion.

• Students are strongly encouraged to take courses in more than one geographical area (such as East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia).

• Students are strongly encouraged to take courses in an Asian language.

Asian Studies Elective Courses
HI-236Modern Far East History I3
HI-237Modern Far East History II3
HI-251Roots of China's Rise: Reform, Revolution and Reinvention3
HI-255Faculty-Led Study Abroad: China Cultural Immersion3
HI-318Ethnic Identities in China3
HI-334Environmental Crisis and Management in China3
HI-335Imperial Crossroads of Modern East Asia3
HI-337Travels in Asia3
PH-170Introduction to Asian Philosophy3
PH-171Buddhist Philosophy3
PH-172Chinese Philosophy3
PH-276Contemporary Asian Philosophy3
PO-221Asian Politics3