Thought, Language, and Culture (TLC)

(3 credits)

Students must complete one 3-credit course.

Courses in this area:

  • Explore human thought, history, culture, art, literature, and language (including world languages).
  • Present the subject in the context of competing theoretical frameworks, for example, about race, gender, historiography, textual analysis, or cultural interpretation.
  • Synthesize approaches from different disciplines.
  • Explore problems of ethics, politics, aesthetics, epistemology, and metaphysics.
  • Use original works as the primary object of study.
  • Require discursive written work, including standard references and citations, for evaluation or extensive written work in a second language.
AB-101Beginning Arabic I3
AB-102Beginning Arabic II3
AB-210Intermediate Arabic I3
AB-211Intermediate Arabic II3
AR-100Cross Media Studio3
AR-270Driftwood to Dumpsters3
AR-285History of Photography3
BI-119Biology of Sex3
BI-120Darwinian Revolution3
CD-103Language Science3
CD-110Anatomy and Physiology of Speech And Hearing3
CD-203Language Science3
CJ-215Art Crimes3
CM-100Intro to Mass Communication3
CM-103Survey of Radio and Television3
CM-106Communications and the Internet3
CM-110Public Speaking3
CM-213Gender and the Media3
CM-241Understanding Movies3
CM-242Understanding Video Games3
CM-285History of Photography3
CM-315Social Media3
CM-384Media Criticism3
CM-390Independent Media and Society3
ED-120The Educational Experience Through Memoirs3
ED-304Best Practices for English Language Learners3
ED-339Children's Literature: Multicultural Literature for PK-93
EN-115LGBTQ+ Narratives3
EN-120Race in Comics3
EN-132World Literature3
EN-140Introduction to Poetry3
EN-150The Short Story3
EN-158Science Fiction3
EN-160Literature of the Bible3
EN-164Fantasy, Faerie and Folk Fairy and Folk Tales From Around the World3
EN-165Oral Literature: the Art of Storytelling3
EN-168Film and Literature3
EN-169Ethnic Literature in the U.S.3
EN-170Search for Identity3
EN-172Women and Literature3
EN-173Baseball: America's Literary Pastime3
EN-174Women Poets3
EN-210U.S. Literature (Beginnings-1865)3
EN-211U.S. Literature (1865-Present)3
EN-220English Literature (beginnings to 1798)3
EN-221English Literature (1798-Present)3
EN-255Methods of Literary Study3
EN-257The Power of Memoir3
EN-260Creative Writing: Poetry I3
EN-266Journalism: Practice and Techniques3
EN-270Journalism: Editing3
EN-300History of the English Language3
EN-303Arthurian Literature3
EN-304Witchcraft in Medieval and Renaissance Literature3
EN-306The Renaissance3
EN-320Victorian Literature3
EN-321Romantic and Victorian Gothic3
EN-328Narratives of U.S. Immigration3
EN-342The American Novel I3
EN-344American Novel II3
EN-358Disability Stories, Disability Studies3
EN-370Antislavery Literature3
ET-100Introduction to Ethnic Studies3
FR-101Beginning French I3
FR-102Beginning French II3
FR-210Intermediate French I3
FR-211Intermediate French II3
FR-321Advanced French Composition I3
FR-323Advanced French Conversation3
FR-331General French Civilization3
FR-341Introduction to French Literature3
FR-342Survey of French Literature I3
FR-344Survey of French Literature II3
FR-346Twentieth Century French Literature3
HE-242Writing and Learning From Experience II3
HI-103Connecting Ancient Worlds: World History to 15003
HI-104Age of Empires: World History 1500 to the Present3
HI-105Modern World History3
HI-204History of Science and Technology3
HI-205Native America3
HI-214Modern Latin America3
HI-215History of American Thought3
HI-217US Social History3
HI-224English History I3
HI-225English History II3
HI-227American Popular Art and Architectural History3
HI-230Nicaragua, the US and the World3
HI-251Roots of China's Rise: Reform, Revolution and Reinvention3
HI-255Faculty-Led Study Abroad: China Cultural Immersion3
HI-261Middle East History I3
HI-262Middle East History Ii: the Ottoman Empire, 1289-19203
HI-274The History of Gender and Sexuality in America3
HI-278African History Before 18003
HI-279African History Since 18003
HI-280Introduction to African Diaspora History3
HI-285History of Baseball3
HI-290Health and Healing in America3
HI-300The Early National Period of the US: 1783-18293
HI-31420th Century Middle East History3
HI-318Ethnic Identities in China3
HI-335Imperial Crossroads of Modern East Asia3
HI-337Travels in Asia3
HI-345Religions in America3
HI-351Age of Jackson3
HI-373African Immigration in the 20th Century3
HI-375Popular Music and Performance in Modern Africa3
HI-390World History for Educators4
LA-150Introduction to Latinx Cultures in the US3
MU-125Jazz Appreciation3
MU-231Women in Music3
MU-250Music of the Cinema:Spectacle, Splendor, And Spielberg3
NH-150The Short Story for Narratives of Health And Medicine3
NH-257The Power of Memoir for Narratives of Health and Medicine3
NH-260Creative Writing: Poetry I for Narratives of Health and Medicine3
PH-100Introduction to Philosophy3
PH-101Ancient Greek Philosophy3
PH-102History of Modern Western Philosophy 1600-18003
PH-110Critical Thinking3
PH-130Ethics: Human Conduct & Values3
PH-131Medical Ethics3
PH-132Business Ethics3
PH-133Social and Political Ethics3
PH-151Race, Gender, and the Law3
PH-163Philosophy on Television3
PH-170Introduction to Asian Philosophy3
PH-172Chinese Philosophy3
PH-177Introduction to Latin American Philosophy3
PH-178Africana Philosophy3
PH-200Knowledge and Reality3
PH-20119th Century European Philosophy3
PH-220Philosophy of Mind3
PH-221Existentialism and Phenomenology3
PH-223American Philosophy3
PH-225Philosophy of Language3
PH-237Philosophy of Space and Time3
PH-240Political Theory3
PH-250Global Feminisms3
PH-260Philosophy of Science3
PH-262Philosophy of Art3
PH-263Film and Philosophy3
PH-264Philosophy of Education3
PO-130Introduction to Political Theory3
PO-223Political Communication3
PO-264American Political Thought3
PO-361The Rise of the Right: Conservative Politics From Goldwater to Today3
PS-365Cultural Psychology3
SO-201Prejudice, Privilege, and Power3
SO-228Latinx Experiences in the U.s. and the World3
SO-235Music and Social Change3
SO-270Social Theory I3
SO-340Social Psychology3
SO-350Wealth, Poverty, and Power3
SP-101Beginning Spanish I3
SP-102Beginning Spanish II3
SP-191Special Topics in Spanish3
SP-210Intermediate Spanish I3
SP-211Intermediate Spanish II3
SP-290Introduction to Medical Spanish I3
SP-291Introduction to Medical Spanish II3
SP-293Health and the Latino Community3
SP-295The Human Body: Spanish for Anatomy3
SP-321Advanced Spanish Composition I3
SP-322Advanced Spanish Composition II3
SP-323Advanced Spanish Conversation Through Film3
SP-326Spanish for the Professions3
SP-350Advanced Spanish Grammar3
SP-390Spanish for Native Speakers3
TH-126Script Analysis3
TH-235History of Theatre3
UR-315Oral History for Urban Areas3
VP-200Critical Thinking in the Arts3