Quantitative Reasoning (QR)

(minimum of 6 credits)

Students must complete a minimum of two 3-credit QR courses, one of which must be a college-level mathematics course taught by the Mathematics Department, numbered "MA-XXX," and specifically approved for QR credit. Terms such as "math," "mathematics," "quantitative," or similar in a course title or description do not guarantee that a course meets the above criteria, and courses such as MA 098 and MA 099 do not qualify because they do not satisfy the QR requirement. The MA course must be completed within the first 60 credits of study, though exceptions may apply for transfer students. All students must pass the Math Placement Test at the stipulated level in order to register for a MA course above MA 105. 

Courses in this area:

  • Acquaint students with formal systems, procedures, and sequences of operations.
  • Strengthen students' understanding of variables and functions.
  • Apply mathematical techniques to the analysis and solution of real-life problems.
  • Develop an understanding of and facility with statistical analysis, including an understanding of its applications and limitations. Courses meeting these criteria must emphasize why statistical inference works and not simply how to use statistical techniques.
  • Strengthen understanding of the relationship between algebraic and graphical representations.
  • Emphasize the importance of accuracy, including precise language and careful definitions of mathematical concepts.
  • Understand both underlying principles and practical applications of one or more fields of mathematics.
CH-120General Chemistry I4
CS-101Basics of Computer Science3
CS-120Microcomputer Applications3
CS-124Health Informatics3
CS-131Data Visualization and Statistical Analysis3
CS-135Programming for Non-CS Majors3
CS-155Computer Networking and Security3
CS-265Database Applications3
ED-322Contemporary Education Policy3
EV-348Fundamentals of Earth Data Analytics4
GS-217Spatial Data Methods3
GS-348Fundamentals of Earth Data Analytics4
MA-105Survey of Mathematics3
MA-107Mathematical Explorations-- Invitation To Effective Thinking3
MA-130Number and Operations for Teachers3
MA-131Patterns, Functions and Algebra for Teachers3
MA-132Geometry, Measurement, Probability and Statistics for Teachers3
MA-150Statistics I3
MA-180Introduction to Functions3
MA-200Calculus I4
MA-201Calculus II4
MA-202Business Calculus4
NU-333Nursing Informatics (track 2)3
PH-115Logic I3
PH-215Logic II3
PS-275Psychological Statistics4
PS-340Psychological Testing and Measurement3
TH-175Introduction to Stagecraft3
UR-214Urban Demography3
UR-232Quantitative Data Analysis of Urban Problems3