Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program for Initial Teacher License in Moderate Disabilities

Program Coordinator: Dr. Sue F. Foo
Phone:  508 929-8071

Admissions Requirements

Candidates for this program must hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited school with a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.7. In addition, candidates must pass three MTELs.

Candidates who are seeking licensure P-8 must pass:

  1. Communication and Literacy,

  2. Foundations of Reading, and

  3. General Curriculum – multi subject test and mathematic sub-test.

Candidates who are seeking licensure 5-12 must pass: 

  1. Communication and  Literacy,

  2. Foundations of Reading,

  3. General Curriculum – multi subject test and mathematic sub-test OR Subject Matter test.

To access online information about the program, including the application and admission requirements, please go to

MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education information:,

The Initial Licensure Program Requirements

This program leading to an initial licensure in Moderate Disabilities (P-8 or 5-12), is a 21 credit, non-degree program. It consists of 18 credits of course work and a full time, three-credit practicum or practicum equivalent. Candidates who have the SEI endorsement from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), are waived from taking ED-909 (3 credits) and only have to complete a total of 18 credits.

The program is designed so that candidates may complete it in a 12-18 month period while working in a school setting.

The courses are:

ED-921Developmental Patterns of Children With Special Needs3
ED-923Development and Implementation of an Individualized Education Plan3
ED-922Analysis and Interpretation of the Behavior and Learning Environment of Children3
ED-924Strategies for Teaching and Assessing Students With Moderate Special Needs3
ED-909RETELL: Best Practices for English Language Learners3
ED-926Seminars Curriculum Development and Instructional Techniques3
ED-928Practicum for the Moderate Special Needs Teacher3
Total Credits21

Candidates begin by taking ED-921 as a pre-requisite before taking the other courses. ED-921 establishes central principles of the program which include high standards for all students based on issues pertaining to Special Education Federal and State Laws, categories of disabilities, celebration of diversity, family involvement, with an emphasis on inclusion and collaboration. Candidates must complete ED-921, ED-923, ED-922, ED-924 and ED-909 (if candidates do not have the SEI Endorsement from DESE) prior to doing the practicum and seminar. Extensive pre-practicum experiences are built into these courses, as candidates work individually or in groups with children with and without disabilities in regular and/or special education settings. Emphasis is placed on techniques to teach reading, language arts, and mathematics, as well as techniques for including students with special needs in general education settings.

In the final phase of the initial licensure program, candidates take ED-926, and complete a full semester practicum experience ED-928 that meets guidelines outlined in the Massachusetts Department of Education licensure regulations.

At the end of this sequence of experiences, candidates are evaluated orally and in writing using an instrument designed by college and clinical supervisors. They must demonstrate proficiency in the competencies listed in MA 603 CMR 7.06 26 (d) 1-6 [Subject Matter Knowledge Requirements for Teachers of Students with Moderate Disabilities] as well as the Professional Standards for Teachers outlined in MA 603 CMR 7.08 (2)].