Pre-Medical Courses For Non-Biology, Biotechnology, or Chemistry Majors

Students interested in preparing for medical, dental, veterinary, or pharmacy studies may pursue study in any of the academic majors offered at Worcester State University. Students interested in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, optometry, podiatry, or osteopathy should consult both their major advisor and the Chair of the Pre-medical and Pre-Dental Advisory Committee as soon as possible following matriculation. Nearly all medical and dental schools require the following courses. However, it is the students’ obligation to check with the professional school(s) to which they intend to apply for exact requirements.

BI-140Introduction to Organismal Biology4
BI-141Intro to Cellular and Molecular Biology4
BI-203Genetics 14
CH-120General Chemistry I4
CH-121General Chemistry II4
Organic Chemistry I (lecture)
and Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
Organic Chemistry II (lecture)
and Organic Chemistry Laboratory II
CH-410Biochemistry I 14
MA-200Calculus I4
PS-101General Psychology 13
or SO-100 Introduction to Sociology
One of the following:4
General Physics I
and General Physics II
Physics I (Mechanics)
and Physics II ( Electricity, Magnetism and Optics )

1 Not required but strongly recommended.