Public Health (HC)

HC-201 Introduction to Public Health

This course is an overview and will focus on populations, prevention, and the evidence-based practice of public health.

Every year. 3 Credits

HC-202 Introduction to Global Health

LASC Categories: GP, DAC, ICW

This course is an overview and will focus on the developing world from a population and prevention perspective.

Every year. 3 Credits

HC-203 Introduction to Epidemiology

LASC Categories: ICW, NSP, QAC, GP

Prerequisites: any Math course and HC-201.

Basic epidemiologic concepts are covered and application of concepts to everyday problems; e.g., hazards in food supplies and risks associated with lifestyle.

Every year. 3 Credits

HC-220 Health Policy

Prerequisites: HE-100

Examination of the process and factors that influence formulation, implementation and modification of health policy in the United States.

Fall and Spring and every year. 3 Credits

HC-228 Health Ethics

Prerequisites: HE-100 or HC-201

Ethical issues in health including genetic research, euthanasia, medical intervention and reproductive technologies as well as professional ethics.

Fall and Spring and every year. 3 Credits

HC-234 Multiculturalism and Health

Examination of diverse ethnic/racial and cultural beliefs beliefs and practices affecting health and illness

Spring only and every year. 3 Credits

HC-338 Peer Education Training

Prerequisites: HE-100

Emphasis on student development of practical skills to implement programming centered on peer education programs and focused on preventative health.

Other or on demand. 3 Credits

HC-350 Group Process

Prerequisites: HE-100

A didactic and experiential examination of various theories of group dynamics and their application to the facilitation of health-related groups. Research paper.

Fall and Spring and every year. 3 Credits

HC-403 Department Workshop:Community Health

The subject matter of this course will be reflective of the changing issues within the field of community health.

Other or on demand. 3 Credits

HC-408 Directed Study: Public Health

Directed study offers students who because of unusual circumstances may be unable to register for a course when offered, the opportunity to complete an existing course with an established syllabus under the direction and with agreement from a faculty member.

3 Credits

HC-415 Commnity Health Planning and Promotion

Prerequisites: 4 courses in the major at 200 level or above.

Emphasis on community analysis; defining and verifying community health problems and establishing goals and objectives. Research paper.

Fall and Spring and every year. 3 Credits

HC-425 Research Seminar

LASC Categories: CAP, WAC

Prerequisites: HC-228 or PH-131, HC 203 and one of the following MA-150, PS-275 or SO-275.

Students will be required to produce a proposal for a research study based on a community public health issue.

Every year. 3 Credits

HC-450 Practicum: Community Health

LASC Categories: CAP, WAC

Prerequisites: 24 credits in HE/HC courses and EN-102

Field experience in which students will select a community health speciality area and spend a semester pursuing their goal through participation. See HE 440 Practicum in Health.

Every year. 3-6 Credits