Environmental Science (EV)

EV-120 Integrated Environmental Science for Educators

LASC Categories: NSP, LAB

Introduction to the scientific method. Physical, biological and earth sciences as applied to problems in environmental science. Three lecture hours and Two laboratory hours per week.

Every year. 4 Credits

EV-150 Environmental Science

LASC Categories: NSP

Interdisciplinary scientific study of human impacts on natural systems. Introduction to fundamental concepts and tools of environmental impact analysis.

Every year. 3 Credits

EV-199 Special Topics in Environmental Science

Lecture or laboratory course in selected areas of Environmental Science presented by departmental instructor. Topics will be announced in advance.

1-6 Credits

EV-400 Environmental Science Seminar

A capstone course. Independent projects include studying scientific literature, summarizing peer- reviewed articles, preparing science lessons with experiments, preparing resumes.

Spring only and every year. 3 Credits

EV-408 Directed Study: Environmental Science

Directed study offers students, who because of unusual circumstances may be unable to register for a course when offered, the opportunity to complete an existing course with an established syllabus under the direction and with agreement from a faculty member.

3-4 Credits

EV-410 Independent Study in Environmental Science

Opportunity for advanced students to pursue a topic of special interest involving extensive reading, experimentation, and research.

1-6 Credits

EV-412 Special Topics in Environmental Science

Intended for the undergraduate who wishes to undertake study of selected topics in Environmental Science of mutual interest to student and faculty.

1-6 Credits

EV-420 Advanced Geoscience Research and Frieldwork

Lab and or field-based research on a specific geoscience topic under supervision of a faculty member. [Permission of instructor.]

Fall and Spring and every year. 1-6 Credits