Geography (GE)

GE-102 Human Geography

LASC Categories: GP, HBS

Introduction to human geography, emphasizing globalization, human-environment relations, and spatial patterns of population, development, economics, politics, urbanization and culture.

Fall and Spring and every year. 3 Credits

GE-110 World Regional Geography I

LASC Categories: GP, HBS

This survey examines characteristics of land and peoples of Europe and Asia.

Every year. 3 Credits

GE-111 World Regional Geography II

LASC Categories: GP, HBS

This survey examines characteristics of land and peoples of Africa, Australia, Oceania and the Americas.

Every year. 3 Credits

GE-130 Introduction to Energy Studies

Foundation concepts in energy studies. Overview of environmental and societal implications of energy systems - past, present and future.

Every year. 3 Credits

GE-193 Special Topics in Geography for First- Year Students

LASC Categories: FYS

Introductory level course covering topics of special interest to first-year students. Offered only as a First-Year Seminar.

Every year. 3 Credits

GE-195 Special Topics

Introductory course to be offered on a trial basis. Topic to be announced in advance.

Every 2-3 years. 1-6 Credits

GE-200 Geography Literature Seminar

Prerequisites: GE-102 and GS-101 and GS-140 and GS-165

Geography majors will attend research seminars, conduct literature searches; identify relevant primary literature; read and take notes on primary literature; compile annotated bibliographies; create written syntheses.

Every year. 1 Credit

GE-210 Geography of North America

Prerequisites: one GE/GL-102, GE/GL-111, hi-111, HI-112, SO-100, UR-101.

Analysis of the physical and human geography of North America

Other or on demand. 3 Credits

GE-240 Energy Conservation

Concepts, technologies and policies for energy conservation. Inefficiencies of current systems; technical and social changes for energy efficiency.

Every year. 3 Credits

GE-250 Urban Geography

LASC Categories: HBS

Prerequisites: GE-102 or GL/GE-102 or UR-101

World urbanization, location, and central place concepts, economy of cities, land use patterns, urban, physical, and societal environmental problems.

Every 2-3 years. 3 Credits

GE-255 Geography of Africa

LASC Categories: DAC, GP

Prerequisites: GE-102 or GE-111 or GL/GE-102 or GL/GE-111 or GL-150 or SO-100 or SO-110 or UR-101

Analysis of the physical and human geography of Africa.

3 Credits

GE-258 Global Environmental Change

Prerequisites: GE-102 or GL/GE-102 or GS-101 or GL-150 or NS-150 or UR-101 or CH-106

An introduction to the science, political economy and ethics of global environmental change.

3 Credits

GE-285 Sustainable Communities

LASC Categories: HBS, USW

Prerequisites: GE-102 or GL/GE-102 or GL-150 or EC-110 or EC-120.

Exploration of changes in U.S. and global economic landscape, 1970 to present. Approaches to sustainable economic development.

Every 2-3 years. 3 Credits

GE-299 Special Topics

Intermediate level course to be offered on a trial basis. Topic to be announced in advance.

1-6 Credits

GE-307 American Public Lands:Environmental Issues

Prerequisites: GE-258 or permission of instructor.

Exploration of the environmental management issues on U.S. public lands such as national parks, national forests BLM lands.

Every year. 3 Credits

GE-308 Environment and Development

Prerequisites: GE-258

The global ecology of rich and poor environmental implications of poverty, economic development, mass consumption, globalization and demographic change.

3 Credits

GE-312 Sustainable Food Systems

Prerequisites: GE-102 or a 200 level GE, GS, SO or UR course.

Overview of the structure, evolution, costs and benefits of the global food system. Exploration of local and global alternatives.

3 Credits

GE-341 Fundamentals of Renewable Energy

Prerequisites: GE-130 or GE-240

Analysis of renewable energy concepts, policy and politics. technologies and methods for renewable energy capture, storage and distribution.

Every year. 3 Credits

GE-342 Sustainable Housing And Techniques

Prerequisites: GE-130 or GE-240

Principles of green design with an emphasis on building construction. Material and energy flows, choice of materials, designing for sustainability.

Every year. 3 Credits

GE-400 Geography Seminar

LASC Categories: CAP

Prerequisites: GE-102, GS-101, GS-140, GS-216, and GE-212 or GE-315

Capstone course for geography majors. Students prepare a comprehensive term paper and present on the topic. Course includes portfolio and career development.

Every year. 3 Credits

GE-408 Directed Study: Geography

Directed study offers students the opportunity to complete an existing course with an established syllabus under the direction and with the agreement of a faculty member.

3 Credits

GE-410 Independent Study: Geography

Opportunity for advanced students to pursue a topic of special interest involving extensive reading, experimentation, and research.

Every year. 1-6 Credits

GE-420 Advanced Geoscience Research and Fieldwork

Lab and or field-based research on a specific geoscience topic under supervision of a faculty member. [Permission of instructor.]

Fall and Spring and every year. 1-6 Credits

GE-450 Readings and Directed Research

Directed study on selected topics; open to senior majors.

Fall and Spring and every 2-3 years. 3 Credits

GE-460 Internship: Geography

Students assigned to various government and private agencies under joint supervision of agency and faculty.

Fall and Spring and other or on demand. 1-6 Credits

GE-470 Selected Topics: Geography

Prerequisites: GE-102 or GL/GE-102

Topic or subject to be announced in advance; topic to be relevant to student needs and interests and availability of professor.

Spring only and every 2-3 years. 1-6 Credits