Geography (GE)

GE-102 Human Geography

LASC Categories: GP, HBS

Introduction to human geography, emphasizing globalization, human-environment relations, and spatial patterns of population, development, economics, politics, urbanization and culture.

Fall and Spring and every year. 3 Credits

GE-130 Introduction to Energy Studies

Foundation concepts in energy studies. Overview of environmental and societal implications of energy systems - past, present and future.

3 Credits

GE-193 Special Topics in Geography for First- Year Students

LASC Categories: FYS

Introductory level course covering topics of special interest to first-year students. Offered only as a First-Year Seminar.

3 Credits

GE-195 Special Topics

Introductory course to be offered on a trial basis. Topic to be announced in advance.

1-6 Credits

GE-200 Geography Literature Seminar

Prerequisites: GE-102 and GS-101 and GS-140 and GS-165

Geography majors will attend research seminars, conduct literature searches; identify relevant primary literature; read and take notes on primary literature; compile annotated bibliographies; create written syntheses.

Fall only and every year. 1 Credit

GE-214 Critical Cartographies: Digital Mapping and Spatial Data Visualization

Prerequisites: one course from the following: GE-102, GS-165, CM-100, CM-106, PO-130, SO-100, SO-193, SO-200, UR-101, UR-193, UR-201 GS-165.

This course introduces the fundamental theories, art and science of map making using web-based platforms. It provides an interdisciplinary approach for students to learn both practical and conceptual skills to collect, interpret and present data in the form of online, interactive maps and data visualizations.

Every 2-3 years. 3 Credits

GE-250 Urban Geography

LASC Categories: HBS

Prerequisites: GE-102 or GL/GE-102 or UR-101

World urbanization, location, and central place concepts, economy of cities, land use patterns, urban, physical, and societal environmental problems.

Every 2-3 years. 3 Credits

GE-255 Geography of Africa

LASC Categories: DAC, GP

Prerequisites: GE-102 or GE-111 or GL/GE-102 or GL/GE-111 or GL-150 or SO-100 or SO-110 or UR-101

Analysis of the physical and human geography of Africa.

3 Credits

GE-258 Global Environmental Change

Prerequisites: GE-102 or GL/GE-102 or GS-101 or GL-150 or EV-150 or UR-101 or CH-106

An introduction to the science, political economy and ethics of global environmental change.

Every year. 3 Credits

GE-285 Sustainable Communities

LASC Categories: HBS, USW

Prerequisites: GE-102 or GL/GE-102 or GL-150 or EC-110 or EC-120.

Exploration of changes in U.S. and global economic landscape, 1970 to present. Approaches to sustainable economic development.

Every 2-3 years. 3 Credits

GE-299 Special Topics

Intermediate level course to be offered on a trial basis. Topic to be announced in advance.

1-6 Credits

GE-307 American Public Lands: Environmental Issues

Prerequisites: GE-258 or permission of instructor.

Exploration of the environmental management issues on U.S. public lands such as national parks, national forests BLM lands.

3 Credits

GE-312 Sustainable Food Systems

Prerequisites: GE-102 or a 200 level GE, GS, SO or UR course.

Overview of the structure, evolution, costs and benefits of the global food system. Exploration of local and global alternatives.

Every 2-3 years. 3 Credits

GE-342 Sustainable Housing And Techniques

Prerequisites: GE-130 or GE-240

Principles of green design with an emphasis on building construction. Material and energy flows, choice of materials, designing for sustainability.

3 Credits

GE-360 Middle East: Changing Environ

The Middle East: geography, society, economics and political structure.

3 Credits

GE-400 Geography Seminar

LASC Categories: CAP

Prerequisites: GE-102, GS-101, GS-140, GS-216, and GE-212 or GE-315

Capstone course for geography majors. Students prepare a comprehensive term paper and present on the topic. Course includes portfolio and career development.

Fall and Spring and every year. 3 Credits

GE-408 Directed Study: Geography

Directed study offers students the opportunity to complete an existing course with an established syllabus under the direction and with the agreement of a faculty member.

3 Credits

GE-410 Independent Study: Geography

Opportunity for advanced students to pursue a topic of special interest involving extensive reading, experimentation, and research.

Every year. 1-6 Credits

GE-420 Advanced Geoscience Research and Fieldwork

Lab and or field-based research on a specific geoscience topic under supervision of a faculty member. [Permission of instructor.]

1-6 Credits

GE-450 Readings and Directed Research

Directed study on selected topics; open to senior majors.

3 Credits

GE-460 Internship: Geography

Students assigned to various government and private agencies under joint supervision of agency and faculty. Major GPA of 3.0 or above required.

1-6 Credits

GE-470 Selected Topics: Geography

Prerequisites: GE-102 or GL/GE-102

Topic or subject to be announced in advance; topic to be relevant to student needs and interests and availability of professor.

1-6 Credits