Liberal Studies (LS)

LS-190 St: Introduction to Liberal Studies

A special topics course that introduces students to interdisciplinary scholarship and learning as well as student-initiated/directed learning.

Every year. 3-4 Credits

LS-290 St: Intermediate Liberal Studies

This course focuses on a particular area of study that requires students to show mastery of the topic and a critical understanding of interdisciplinary learning and research methods.

3-4 Credits

LS-390 St: Advanced Liberal Studies

This course is organized around a particular subject area or research methodology problem. Students engage in joint or individual scholarship related to the course topic.

3-4 Credits

LS-401 Liberal Studies Honors Thesis

The honors thesis represents an advanced research project culminating in a written liberal arts thesis that extends a student's Liberal Studies course of study.

3 Credits

LS-402 Liberal Studies Honors Research

The honors scientific or social scientific research project includes a written paper reporting on the project's results and extends to an advanced level a student's Liberal Studies course of study.

3 Credits

LS-403 Liberal Studies Creative Honors Project/ Portfolio

The honors creative work/portfolio extends to an advanced level a student's Liberal Studies course of study in the areas of the visual arts, theater, music, dance, literature, filmmaking, or another area of creative expression.

3 Credits

LS-408 Directed Study: Liberal Studies

Fall and Spring. 1-3 Credits

LS-480 Liberal Studies Intership

Prerequisites: LS-190 Student must be a declared Liberal Studies major.

This is an internship in Liberal Studies. It is appropriate for an internship experience that is part of a student's Liberal Studies course of study but that does not fit in an existing discipline with an internship course at WSU.

Other or on demand. 1-6 Credits

LS-490 Capstone/Senior Research in Liberal Studies

LASC Categories: CAP, WAC

Prerequisites: LS-190 and at least 30 credits toward the Liberal Studies major.

This course provides an opportunity for students to compile evidence and reflect on the courses and independent work comprising their Liberal Studies major. Students will be expected to develop a cohesive narrative of their course of study.

3 Credits